ModelFiesta 40

Ad Astra Per Aspera

Through Hardship to the Stars

This past year has seen us all respond to the health and financial crises related to the deadly Coronavirus. The virus has caused us to adapt to new circumstances and persevere through a period of confusion, difficulty, and danger. With this year’s contest theme, Ad Astra Per Aspera (Through Hardship to the Stars), Alamo Squadron seeks to celebrate our resilience in the face of hardship.

There are many modeling subjects that can be used to express this spirit of perseverance through trials. Some examples would include:

Entries for this theme award must be registered in the Contest Theme Award Notebook located in the ModelFiesta Registration area. In addition, a typed description (no more than 200 words) of the model and how the subject demonstrates the spirit of Ad Astra Per Aspera must be placed by the model on the contest table. Entries will be judged not only for their modeling excellence but also for their articulation of the contest theme.