ModelFiesta 40

Ad Astra Per Aspera

Through Hardships to the Stars

This past year has seen us all respond to the health and financial crises related to the deadly Coronavirus. The virus has caused us to adapt to new circumstances and persevere through a period of confusion, difficulty, and danger. With this year’s contest theme, Ad Astra Per Aspera (Through Hardships to the Stars), Alamo Squadron seeks to celebrate our resilience in the face of hardships.

There are many modeling subjects that can be used to express this spirit of perseverance through trials. Some examples would include:

Judging will center on a selection of a single model that best fits the MF40 theme: Ad Aspera Per Aspera (Through Hardship to the Stars). Standard IPMS/USA judging criteria will be utilized for the selection of the theme award winner. Judging will be similar to IPMS/USA diorama class where the story behind the model/build is taken into account along with IPMS/USA build standards

Download the entry form for the theme award here (link and form coming soon). Once complete, e-mail to ModelFiesta Director. Forms must be e-mailed to the event director by February 13th, 2021 in order to be eligible to complete for the theme award. Print an additional copy for yourself, bring it with you the day of the show, and place it with the model just as you would in a normal contest. There is no requirement to check-in your build with ModelFiesta staff upon entry. Place you theme award entry in the designated theme display area.

The ModelFiesta judging team will place the theme award trophy with the winning entry no later than 4PM on the day of the show.