Alamo Squadron's Memorial Trophy

Alamo Squadron celebrates the lifetime modeling achievements of selected club members as well as the recent winners of the annual ModelFiesta contest with its unique Memorial Trophy.

The Alamo Squadron Memorial Trophy recognizes club members who have distinguished themselves with a lifetime of superior model building and service. The trophy is inscribed with their names as well as those of the recent winners of the Modelfiesta Best of Show award.

The criteria for memorial recognition includes:

  • A member of Alamo Squadron for a minimum of five years.
  • A reputation for excellence in modeling as evidenced by awards within the club and in IPMS Region Six contests.
  • An avid teacher and coach for other builders.
  • A history of making significant contributions to Alamo Squadron.
  • Alamo Squadron members who have been honored with memorial recognition are:

  • Ruben Barrera
  • Bob Davies
  • Frank Garcia
  • George Holmes
  • Mike Picard
  • James Smith
  • Tom Ward
  • Recent ModelFiesta Contest Best of Show winners include:

  • ModelFiesta 34: P. Barena
  • ModelFiesta 35: A. Smischney
  • ModelFiesta 36: M. Schlachter
  • ModelFiesta 37: A. DeLeon
  • ModelFiesta 38: R. Morales
  • ModelFiesta 39: J. Rice
  • ModelFiesta 40: A. DeLeon
  • Alamo Squadron Memorial Trophy Alamo Squadron Memorial Trophy Alamo Squadron Memorial Trophy