February 11th, 2023. New Braunfels Civic/Convention Center.

ModelFiesta is the longest running annual modeling event in IPMS Region 6. The contest has grown in size and quality since its early days and now averages over 120 vendor tables and over 500 models entered in the contest each year. With aregular and strong international attendance by modelers from all over Latin America, ModelFiesta has one of the most unique, varied, and highly regarded IPMS events in the region.

The new home for ModelFiesta, the New Braunfels Civic/Convention Center (NBCC), is just a quick 20 min drive up the I-35 corridor from San Antonio, and it is closer for those coming to the event from the north (Austin, Dallas). For modelers coming in from the East (Houston, Louisiana), I-10 is still the primary route to take, exiting in Seguin on Hwy-46 to New Braunfels. From the west and south, attendees can connect to Hwy-46 through various roads and highways and reach New Braunfels with ease.

NBCC is a relatively new structure with excellent lighting, electrical hook-ups, and a professional and helpful staff. More details will be made available on this web-site via the ModelFiesta 41 link below, so please return frequently to see what information has been added.

Doors Open
9:00 AM.

Registration closes &,
Judging commences
12:00 PM Noon

Awards ceremony
4:00 PM


We are making some significant changes to this year’s contest due to scheduling constraints for the facility. As you may recall, during the Covid period our former venue was sold, and we were required to move our event to the NBCC on short notice. Because events at the venue are scheduled several years in advance, in 2023 and 2024 we will not have access to the entire facility as we did in 2022. We will retain the same space for our vendors as we had in 2022, but our space for the contest will be constrained. Therefore, we are making changes to conduct the contest in a smaller area.

1)      We strongly encourage that you pre-register  your entries. Our on-site registration will be done in the NBCC’s lobby this year, so pre-registration will help to minimize crowding.

2)      Please study the new contest categories and rules carefully. The category list has been condensed and simplified. The rules have been changed to clarify the definition of legacy kit builds.

3)     Contestants will be limited to only one entry in any given category, but they are free to enter as many categories as they wish. Please note that this rule is in effect BEFORE the judges apply any split(s) to any given category. This is a good opportunity to build in categories you might not normally consider.

4)     The contest room will be closed to spectators during judging. Only staff and judging personnel will be allowed access during those hours.

We want everyone to have a great time at ModelFiesta and we appreciate your help to manage this situation. Here are some important reminders..

Safety. Given the spread of the highly contagious COVID virus, we are asking all vendors, competitors, and attendees to wear face masks and distance when you are in the building. Please be considerate of the safety of the other people at the event. We will have sanitizer stations for you to use throughout the day. If you are experiencing any COVID symptoms or have recently been exposed to someone known to have the virus, please postpone your visit until ModelFiesta 42 in 2024.

Food. There will be no food or drink sales at the venue. Restaurants and bakeries are within walking distance of the contest.

ATM The facility does not have an ATM machine, so plan your cash holdings accordingly.

Pre-Registration.  We strongly suggest you pre-register your entries. This simple procedure will save you time and reduce your registration fee.

Vendors. Vendors may set up on Friday evening, February 10th, from 6-9 p.m. or on Saturday, February 11th beginning at 6 a.m. Club members will be available to help vendors unload their vehicles.

Raffle. We have many model kits, paint sets, tools, and books in our raffle. Some of these kits are the latest releases from Tamiya, ICM, Takom, Bandai, and Aoshima. Raffle tickets are $5 each.

Donations. Alamo Squadron is collecting kits, modeling supplies, and reference materials for US military veterans. Please consider a generous donation. A Models 4 Troops bin will be available for your donations.


Logistics - Hauling the freight

Hundreds of years of Logistical employment has enabled the sustainment and improvement of ancient as well as modern civilizations. Logistics touches all aspect of our lives and can be considered a coordination of an operation, of various complexities, involving the integration of people, facilities, supplies, and the means of transport. With this year’s contest theme, “Logistics – Hauling the Freight”, Alamo Squadron honors the essential utilization of logistical application throughout societies’ past, present, and what can be imagined into the future.

There are many modeling topical areas that can be used to express the core of logistics form the time of the Egyptian and Roman Empires, Iron, and Industrial Ages, and when humans eventually developed advanced travel by sea, land, air, and outer space. Some examples would include:

  • Building of the pyramids to today’s skyscrapers – depicting the delivery of resources
  • Berlin Airlift aircraft – from CONUS to overseas (including land vehicles, and depots)
  • Transportation of any and all consumable products (long-haul trucks on interstates)
  • A ship such as freighter or tanker vessels
  • Space shuttle resupplying the ISS or servicing the Hubble Telescope
  • Figure of General Patton directing truck and tank traffic WW2
  • Military vehicles resupplying the front-line, fuel, spare parts, etc.
  • Transportation of automobiles for sale and sport (including repair parts)
  • Future and SCI-FI off-world mining and support craft
  • Dioramas and stand-alone entries depicting the above examples



    Due to scheduling constraints with the NBCC, space for attendees and judges to view models at the same time is severely constricted. For this reason, we regret that the contest room must be closed to all traffic except for active judges and staff during the judging session. This restriction will apply to our event in 2024 as well. We will be able to resume use of the full NBCC facility moving forward with the 2025 event into the foreseeable future and thank you for your understanding and patience in the interim. You will also note some restrictive rules below intended to limit the number of models on the contest tables. The rules have been changed to clarify the definition of legacy kit builds.

    Download Modelfiesta 41's Rules

    Here is the new categories list for Modelfiesta 41. Please study the new contest categories and contest rules carefull . The category list has been condensed and simplified.

    Download Modelfiesta 41's full category list

    Young Modelers

    I. Young Modelers

    105 Pre-Teen ( < 12)
    110 Junior (12- 17)


    II. Aircraft

    205 Out of the Box
    210 Small Scale < 1/72
    215 1/72 Prop / Rotor
    220 1/72 Jet Powered
    225 1/48 Prop / Rotor
    230 1/48 Jet Powered
    235 Large Scale > 1/32


    III. Armor and Military Vehicles

    305 Out of the Box
    310 Small Scale < 1/72
    315 1/72 Military Vehicles
    320 1/48 Military Vehicles
    325 1/35 Tracked Vehicles
    330 1/35 Wheeled Vehicles
    335 Large Scale > 1/35
    340 Open Top / Full Interior


    IV. Automotive

    405 Out of the Box
    415 Small Scale < 1/32
    420 Factory Stock Cars & Pickup
    425 Hot Rods / Street Legal
    430 Competition open wheel
    435 Competition closed wheel
    440 Custom Vehicles
    445 Trucks, Commercial & ERVs
    450 Motorcycles
    455 Large Scale > 1/25

    Ships and Naval vehicles

    V. Ships and Naval Vehicles

    505 Large Scale > 1/349
    510 Intermediate Scale < 1/400
    515 Small Scale < 1/401
    520 Submarines
    525 Sail or aar powered vessels

    Jordan Ford

    VI. Figures

    605 Small Scale < 5 mm
    610 Mid Scale < 70 mm
    615 Large Scale > 71 mm
    620 Small Scl Fantasy < 54 mm
    625 Large Scl Fantasy > 55 mm
    630 Busts
    635 Veignettes


    VII. Science Fiction

    705 Space vehicles
    710 Ground or water vehicles
    715 Mecha subjects
    720 Anime subjects
    725 Gundam subjects > 55 mm


    VIII. Miscellaneous

    805 Personal collection
    810 Triple play
    815 Military themed dioramas
    820 Civilian themed dioramas
    825 Factual spacecraft & rockets
    830 Miscellaneous mechanical
    825 Miscellaneous biological


    Best of Show Award

    Best of Show Award

    Sponsored by Lionheart Hobbies
    Kyle, Texas

    Logistics - Hauling the Freight Award

    Theme Award
    Logistics - Hauling the Freight

    Sponsored by Dibble's Hobbies
    San Antonio, Texas

    Youth Modelers Award

    Youth Modelers

    Sponsored by Herb Scranton

    Best Aircraft Award

    Best Aircraft

    Sponsored by Lee Forbes

    Best Armor Award

    Best Armor

    Sponsored by IPMS Houston
    Houston, Texas

    Best Automotive Award

    Best Automotive

    Sponsored by TBA

    Best Ship Award

    Best Ship

    Sponsored by Lee Washburn

    The USAF Award

    Best Figure

    Sponsored by Rowdy Bricco

    Best Miscelaneous Award

    Best Miscellaneous Award

    Sponsored by Lee Forbes

    The In-Cinere Award

    In Cinere -
    from the Ashes Award

    Sponsored by Richard Kern. Given to a well built model based on a terrible kit.

    Best Space and Sci-Fi Award

    Best Space and Science Fiction Award

    Sponsored by the Austin Scale Modeler's Society
    Austin, Texas

    The Star Wars Award

    Never tell me the Odds Award

    Star Wars subject.
    Sponsored by Len Pilhofer

    The USAF Award

    United States Air Force Award: 1947 - Pesent

    Sponsored by Adam David Stephenson

    The Spitfire Award

    Spitfire Award

    Sponsored by Lee Forbes

    The Tamiya Award

    Tamiya Award

    Sponsored by Tamiya USA

    Memorial Trophy

    Alamo Squadron Memorial Trophy

    Recognizes club members who have distinguished themselves with a lifetime of superior model building and service. More info


    The price of tables will be $35 per 6' x 2.5' table. Table location will be assigned and adjusted by Alamo Squadron to maximize the number of vendors. Parking for vendors with trailers is $10. Vendor parking passes (if required) and vendor name tags will be distributed at vendor setup, Friday night and Saturday morning.

    Tables that are not paid in full by December 18th, 2022, will be offered to vendors on the waiting list. A full refund will be issued to all vendors should MF41 be cancelled and to a single vendor if their table(s) can be re-sold or at the discretion of the ModelFiesta steering committee.

    No materials or services may be sold (monetary transactions or material trade) on New Braunfels Civic/Convention Center property (to inlcude vehicles in the parking lot) by any attendee unless from a paid vendor table. Due to facilities scheduling, the vendors must clear the vendor room no later than 4 pm.


    Word document Download and fill out the Vendor Table Request Form (VRTF).

    PDF file Download and fill out the Vendor Table Request Form (VRTF).

    Mail the completed vendor request form along with a check payable to "Alamo Squadron of San Antonio" for $35 per number of tables requested to:

    Alamo Squadron
    ModelFiesta 41
    PO Box 680652
    San Antonio, TX 78268

    All questions should be sent to our vendor coordinator:


    As of November 23, 2022.

    Green: Reserved and confirmed.

    Yellow: Reserved, pending payment.

    White: Available.

    Vendor Tables


    Alamo Squadron is offering entrants the opportunity to pre-register their model entries for ModelFiesta 41. Download the Model Registration Summary Form and the Individual Model Entry Forms (one per entry). Once downloaded, information can be entered directly into text boxes on the forms and saved. You may refer to the Category List to help determine in what categories your builds belong.

    The ONLY paperwork that needs to be returned via email is the Model Registration Summary Form. Upon completion, that form should be emailed to Receipt of your Summary Form will be acknowledged and additional instructions regarding what to do with all of your forms will be e-mailed to you a few days after receipt. Please feel free to ask questions about the Pre-Registration process, or about the event in general, by emailing those questions to

    A discount of $3 on the total registration fee will be offered to those who take advantage of the Pre-Registration process

    Pre Registration Starts Nov. 21

    Model Registration Summary Form

    Download Model Registration
    Summary form
    PDFor  Word format.

    Download, fill out, print, and bring with you the day of the show. The MRSF documents all of your builds on one form and is given to the ModelFiesta staff upon registration at the show.

    Individual Model Entry form

    Download Individual Model
    Entry form
    PDF or Word format.

    Download, fill out, print, and bring with you the day of the show. The IMEF documents each of your individual builds and is placed on the contest table with its corresponding build. The ModelFiesta registration staff will review it to ensure correctness and accuracy with your MRSF.



    The first ModelFiesta was held in Wonderland Mall, now called Crossroads Mall, in 1982 and has been held each year since that first contest, with the exception of 2021 due to COVID-19.

    Our ModelFiesta event has traditionally been scheduled for early to mid-February on a Saturday preceding or following Valentine’s Day. Another event is scheduled in the NBCC ballroom Saturday evening for ModelFiesta dates that are available at our usual February slot, but the ModelFiesta Planning Committee felt it important to maintain that tradition. The NBCC has graciously accommodated our request to hold the ModelFiesta event on that date in a reduced footprint from the last (2022) event. For that reason, IPMS/USA Alamo Squadron must conduct the contest segment of our event in the Garden/Meeting Room area of the NBCC. This area will accommodate sufficient contest tables for our average number of entries.

    Model Registration Summary Form

    ModelFiesta 31. February 2012
    Live Oak Civic Center

    Model Registration Summary Form

    ModelFiesta 35. February 2016
    San Antonio Event Center

    Individual Model Entry form

    ModelFiesta 40. January 2022
    New Braunfels Civic/Convention Center


    Looking for a previous Modelfiesta results? Click on the button and you can either select or type the Modelfiesta number or year held to download.

    Alamo Squadron Memorial Trophy


    The Alamo Squadron Memorial Trophy recognizes club members who have distinguished themselves with a lifetime of superior model building and service. The trophy is inscribed with their names as well as those of the recent winners of the Modelfiesta Best of Show award.

    The criteria for memorial recognition includes:

  • A member of Alamo Squadron for a minimum of five years.
  • A reputation for excellence in modeling, evidenced by awards within IPMS Region 6 contests.
  • An avid teacher and coach for other builders.
  • A history of making significant contributions to Alamo Squadron.
  • Alamo Squadron members who have been honored with memorial recognition are:

  • Ruben Barrera
  • Bob Davies
  • Frank Garcia
  • George Holmes
  • Mike Picard
  • James Smith
  • Tom Ward
  • Recent ModelFiesta Contest Best of Show winners include:

  • ModelFiesta 34: P. Barena
  • ModelFiesta 35: A. Smischney
  • ModelFiesta 36: M. Schlachter
  • ModelFiesta 37: A. DeLeon
  • ModelFiesta 38: R. Morales
  • ModelFiesta 39: J. Rice
  • ModelFiesta 40: A. DeLeon


    New Braunfels Civic/Convention Center

    375 S. Castell Ave
    New Braunfels, TX. 78130

    Questions or Inquiries? Send us a message. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.